q u a k e  III  a r e n a
Quake III Arena - CD Crack

Description : Quake 3 ALL VERSIONS Generic No-CD      Crack [All]

Run the crack in the Q3 directory.

File : q3a_genericnocd.zip
Size : 1.15kb

Description : Quake 3 version 1.25      Crack [All]

Crack for v1.25. Run the crack in the Q3 directory.

File : q3_125crk.zip
Size : 16kb

Description : Quake 3 version 1.17      No-CD [All]

No CD Crack for v1.17. Replace .exe with one in the zip file.

File : q3_117crk.zip
Size : 400kb

Always make backups of your game files BEFORE applying any patches or cracks.

I take no responsibility for loss of data from the use of these files.

Don't say I didn't warn you!

P.S. Remember to backup your save games also.