ICQ - Miscellaneous

Files Descriptions
creats multiple icq accounts!
ICQ House download any files from the person who has a house icon after their name. For v.99 only.
ICQ IP Unmasker
shows all user ip for v.98
ICQ Authorization Bypass
add users without their authorization for v.98
ip unmasker, authorization bypass and more for v.99!
ICQ Tracker
tracks the time for last online user
ICQ Backup
Backs up your ICQ files
ICQ Colorizer
Changes colors in the message box
ICQ Shortcut
ctrl+q to open message instead of double clicking
Crack King
ip unmasker, password stealer and more
various tools
ICQ Move
move icq to other directory
ICQ99 Patch
reveals ip and auto authorize for v.99
ICQ Bookmark Delete
get rid of bookmarks
ICQ Clone
creates a fake online user
ICQ Porter
creates a fake user port to trick nukers
ICQ Watch
monitors every step of each user's move
ICQ Simpson
Simpson's sound scheme
ICQ Tips
some useful tips