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Welcome to my site, it is provided as is and is constantly being updated, so if some of the links don't function, I'm working on it, gimme a break!!

Hasta Luego, you low ridin' punks!
04 Apr 2002 - Web Site Problems

This site is not dead, I had MAJOR problems with my original choice of Web Hosting companies. I re-ordered my web space from another company, it'll be sorted within the next 2 weeks.

Thanks for sticking around.

02 Nov 2001 - Big Update

It's been a while since I updated my site. This is because I've run out of webspace.

Fear not! I have a domain and extra webspace ordered should be available within a couple of weeks. Then I'll get to work on the site.

New domain will be linked to these pages : http://www.nitefoll.com

11 Aug 2001 - Speedball 3 - Speedball Arena

All you hardass gamers out there will remember Speedball 2 for the Amiga. Produced by the BitMap Brothers, it was one of the best games of it's time.

Well the BitMap Brothers have done it again. Using the latest in Unreal Technology, feast your eyes on Speedball 3 , dubbed "SpeedBall Arena". Still in deveopment, it look like it's gonna totally kick ass.

Online tournaments will be possible, as well as online transfers, enhanced full-contact attacks, Clans, a new targeting system plus a whole lot more.

25 July 2001 - Planet of the Apes Movie

Planet of The Apes Logo

Looks like another good movie. It seems like sacrilege to remake such a classic as Planet of the Apes, but with today's SFX and digital technology it should make for excellent movie going.

Out on 27 /07 / 2001, go see it.

23 Jul 2001 - UT Back Up

Unreal Tournament site is back up, I will be updating all of the sections over the next few days.

21 Jul 2001 - UT Temp Offline

I have taken down my Unreal Tournament section for emergency repairs. Turns out the modifications I wanted to make cause Netscape HUGE problems.......<shrugs> who knew??

Sorry, it's gonna take at least a day to sort it, will be back up soon.

07 July 2001 - Operation SwordFish Movie

SwordFish Logo

Godammit, this is a good movie. Top Stars, very stylish plot, action from start to finish. From the producer of the Matrix, this film steals the atmosphere, the special FX and ramps them up to a completely new level.

Trust me when I tell you, you want, no, NEED to see this movie, if only for the special FX in the first explosion scene...HOLY CRAP!!!!!

03 July 2001 - Tomb Raider Movie

The only thing better than watching babes on the big screen is watching babes KICK SOME ASS on the big screen.

Don't think, go see this movie, Angelina Jolie is stunning as Lara Croft, it's non-stop action, mouth-watering special FX, and all with Miss Croft looking sexy as hell, great movie!!

Bring on the sequel.

TombRaider Logo


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