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So you want to know how to fone 0898 and 0891 BBS's free. It's easy,

It all works around the 1471 call trace number. You enter that number and you get the number of the last person to call you.

If you dial 141 before you call you can't be traced by the 1471.

First fone B.T. and get premium rate numbers barred.

All you have to do now is dail 141 then the BBS number.

The exchange cannot check if the number is barred because it dosn't know who's calling (it can't trace your number) so you get put through. When the bill arives with the 0898 numbers on it phone B.T. and tell them these numbers were barred and you will not get charged for them.

This probably works on all barred numbers. Try it.

Note:- BTRL are now working on solving this bug so be quick.

From the Hippy.

Happy phreakin'