How to gain free phonecalls from a Payphone +-------------------------------------------+

Some payphones in the UK, have this wonderful little system where you dial the number and when you get a connection, you put your money in the slot and the the person on the other end of the line can here you. To get around this little problem of using something of monetry value in the fone why not get the service for free!


Equipment needed

Malted,Hops and barley
A telephone pickup (available from TANDY) a small amplifer


The phones you need to target are the ones that are very small, usually wall mounted (NOT BT payphones, similar to ones found in fone boxes), the microphone is connected to the input of the amplifer, and the telephone pickup is connected to the output of the amplifer.


Now find a fone which is out of the way and no one can see you, Now push the suction cup of the telephone pickup onto the back of the telephone handset *, and switch on the amplifier, Now dial the number you require and when you get a connection, speak into the microphone and you should be able to listen and talk to the person on the the other end of the line.

How does it work?

The cheap payphones, work by just disconnecting the microphone, until the the caller puts some money in the fone, but if you just create your own microphone and amplifier you can just talk as normal. Which is just what this unit does, using the telephone pickup to make the microphone connection.