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Take a look at the 'UnderGround' today, and the chances are that what you see will not be a pretty sight. Lamers from the Shareware scene, drifting in to leech info, Busts left right and centre, Back Biting on even the most 'leet boards, etc, etc... The worst by far, though, has to be the lack of information that surrounds certain topics, and leads to a general air of awe around the subject in question.

For example - Could you name the most popular digital switch in use in the United Kingdom today? Nope? Hmmm. OK, have you any idea of what kind of network our Military are using? No? Errrr...

Take a look at the US Scene - Although chock full of lamers, it has the UK knocked into a cocked hat as far as information pooling goes. Why? Well, because, to put it flagrantly bluntly, they've realised that 60% of the information in circulation in the underground can be obtained from legitimate sources.

Think about this - Do you think that by Upping files and leeching all the time, you're gonna learn anything? Sure, you'll learn a shitload, but you'll be missing so, so much good, fresh info if you sit online all day.

Turn OFF that terminal, get up, and take a walk to :



Recently, I came across a file called KINGCARD.LHA. Basically just a re-dizzed pile of shit carding files with one or two good files slung in. The one that caught my eye, however, was one regarding AT&T's Card Phones (The range that accepts Credit Cards - Buggered if I can remember the name).

The recent this stuck out was due to the fact that I had been reading the exact same document five weeks earlier - In my local Library. The Person who's menial duty it was to push this file around had dizzed it with the heading "From Pirate 80! The REAL Document about the AT&T payphone!".

OK, Cool, P80 is a damn good BBS as far as HPACV goes, but this dude had tagged the file like P80 was some mythical Information well, where files just Magically appeared, mysteriously materialising from the sheer radiant 'leetness of its users or summat!! Get a fucking grip, y'know? This dude was acting like one of the followers of Brian in The Python film, you know? "He has dropped a Sandal! It is a Sign!" "No, follow, the Gourd, the Gourd is his word!" etc, etc, etc...

The file can be found in ANY Library that uses the MICROPATENT CD-Rom Patent Office Software, Which, if memory serves me correctly, is called PatSoft, and is marketed by Espace.

Go into your library, and head for the buisness section. Walk straight up to that counter, and ask to be pointed in the direction of the patent registers. Usually, you'll be taken there, and told step by step how to use the system, but just in case you get Sharon, the Interesting one, who is more interested in sharpening her nails than giving help, here goes :

Look for the Aisle marked Patent Registers. From here, you should be faced with Mountains of Hard Backed Volumes, dating back to circa 1888 (Depending on how large your library is - The Mitchell In Glasgow has records shelved that date back to approximately that time).

Now to give you a taster of what's on offer, look for the Folders marked 'Patent Abstracts'. These hold Short, One page descriptions of each registered product for the current year, and maybe the preceeding two. Have a flick through, just to see whats on offer. Look tasty? Good.

Patents are organised into Different Categories, such as Electronics, Heating, Fuel, Telecommunications, etc, etc. Look along the shelf of registers for Book H4 (Telecommunications) and take it down. Have a good read - Theres bound to be something in here that interests you - and note down any topics you think look interesting. Also Note down the number next to its entry, as you'll need this for the CD System.

Having accrued something like 250 designs you wish to see, now move over to the CD's. These are usually kept in six deep drawers, like the kind used for architectural BluePrints and Designs. Look down the spines of the cases until you see the number you want to investigate, or the CD with the number in question within its range.

Eg : You wish to look up Patent Number 00346194. So, you're looking for the Compact Disc that has that number in its range, ie: 00346000 - 00346999. Its quite simple, really.

Now, take this CD over to the PC's which should be running the Espace Software, bung it in the Drive, and type PATSOFT. The Drive will spin, a menu will appear. Select the Search Option, and search for a patent number. (Usually the option PN, I could be wrong). Enter your number here, and slap return.

The System will then show the patent description, and offer to show the document. Display it, and you're now looking at the Complete Description and Technical Specification for the article in question. Printouts are usually available at about 30p per page.

To get you started, try some of the following -

 EP 0519963 A1 9212 30  Method for testing Payphones ;-)
 EP 0409417 A1 9101 23  Payphone Specifications - AT&T
 EP 0618713 A2 9410 05  Real Time Fraud Monitoring and Tracking System
 EP 0540219 A2 9305 05  Digital Switch TimeSlot Testing Algorithm / Details
 EP 0610672 A2 9408 17  High Capacity NEC Digital Switch
 EP 0119707 A1 8409 26  Automatic Transaction Verification over PSTN
 EP 0118995 A1 8409 19  Generation of ID Keys for Above
 EP 0103976 A1 8403 28  Line Concentrator Specifications
 EP 0341816 A1 8911 15  Apparatus and Method for testing Customers Lines

The Power of the system is also apparent when you want to search for all patents submitted by one specific company - Get the Archive disk from behind the desk that holds Patents Numbers for The Year Range in Question, Eg : 1987 - 1991, and then using PatSoft, issue a search for the company you're interested in.

A Search for British Telecommunications PLC brought up approx 567 entries, all incredibly technical shit, 90% of which was heavy duty Optical Physics Related - Obviously, this would be the case, if BT were planning a large scale Fibre Optic Network.

Beware - BT mask themselves under several different names when issuing Patents, and also Issue under GPT, as well as plain old British Telecom.

Well, thats obviously a starter, but I cant possibly hope to document a system as large as PatSoft Here - If anyone wants any specific details or help regarding this system, mail me on Digital Violation, Arrested Development, DockMaster, or DAC. I'd be happy to help out, and if you live in the Glasgow area, maybe even show you the system working in person.

                Keltic Phr0st
 PS : The rot set in some time ago - I remember reading the one and only
      issue of Hacknet magazine ever released, and in it, one of the authors
      had totally and utterly ripped of "Unix for the Moderate" written
      By Urville or Necron. This dude even had the cheek to tag it like it
      was his - Lame, lame, lame.

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