ooooOOO HoW tO gEt YoUr MoNeY bAcK OuT oF BT PaYfOnEz OOOoooo
                                      By Pie


This phile is simple.. It tells you how to get your money 'Back Out' of your average BT Pay Phone... I have written this text file cuz there are a few others out there which i have seen that tell you. But ! They're (From what i have seen..) all fairly lengthy and complex..

So here i am! Trying to make things a bit simpler !!

It is a method i have been using for about 8 years now... And it works 98% of the time for me..


HoW It WoRkS

  1. Ok Find your average payphone (Tall thing with see-thru windows...) and enter...
  2. In front of you is the dial pad... Ok Beneath this is a small diagram of what and how the phone works.. Remeber this place....
  3. Ok Now put your money in and dial out to whoever you want to...!
  4. Ok... When you have finished your chatting.. Simply hit (With the palm of your hand, knee, elbow etc) the diagram underneath the dial pad sharp and hard.. Your money will then fall into the reject tray allowing you to pick it up and walk away one fone call free !!

Note: You Must Hit the machine b4 the coin has dropped !!

5) Simple Huh ??

HaNdY hInTz

Ok Here are a few hints on this method..

  1. Ok I say above hit the diagram at the end of the call.. This is the safe method as you dont really lose out either way.. But.. You can hit the phone at any time after connection, but be warned! I have had my money fall into the correct coin resovoir and the phone line cut off a couple of times (Which is'nt bad in 8 years..)
  2. DONT DO IT in public!! This is not a method to try on a saturday afternoon in the middle of Birmingham !!!
  3. It may take more than 1 hit so keep trying !!!

Have Phun !! :)

                                     \\||//-     +
                                     / ^^ \     +\
                                    (  OO  )     /
                                     \(..)/0    \
                                     /____\ o    +
                                    {/----\}    /
                                     |    |     \
                                     |  _=======+
                                    __ || __
                                   /  \__/  \
                                   |        |
                                   | P i E  |