The UeberPhreaker is here

                        [and BOY am I pissed off! ;)]

OK, the more astute of you may notice that one or two things are missing from the enclosed article, or that I've made this one very brief.

Well, to cut a long story short, I'm sick of writing text files for people who will never even take the time out to do a bit of research - why the hell should I sit down and waste valuable time teaching the reader when they themselves should be out there getting this info?

To all the people who actually appreciate and understand my files, this isn't directed at you, its directed at the little 15 year old assholes who shunt my files around to get so called elite access on boards run by HPA retards who wouldnt know how to even go about writing a decent file, purely because their grasp of english and its associated grammatical protocol is so stumped that they have difficulty communicating their feelings in words of more than two or three syllables, or a string of monosyllabic ramblings interspersed with profanities that truly do scrape the barrel of modern english.

I'm sure the 15 year old assholes know exactly who they are - The publicity seeking wannabes riding on the back of other peoples hard work, pooling together their stagnant ideas and lame suggestions into a semblance of a group, vainly hoping to improve their kudos amongst their equally socially inept and sexually inexperienced peers. You are -sad-.

Hacking / Phreaking / Anarchy and all its associated substreams are in no way the tools of an adolescent image improvement attempt - you seem to think that by typing in random strings of numbers and extended alphanumerics to get your point across, that you are somehow making yourself look "kewl" or "31337" or maybe even "K-raD". You suck.

And you seem to be the mainstay of the United Kingdom's BBS Scene... I see your pathetic attempts at Board running coming up and going down every day, padding out 820k files with as many adverts and Board tags as you can cram in, trying to bring HPA to the public and failing miserably, while at the same time bleeding the scene dry for any information it has.

And the problem isn't neccesarily limited to the under 16s - this goes out to all the morons who run boards that declare loud and clear that YES WE HAVE OVER A GIG OF H/P/A/C/V/D/etc, etc ONLINE! CALL NOW! MULTI NODE RINGDOWN SYSTEM! ELITE ONLY! Why bother? Obviously your transition from the warez scene to the HP scene was not a happy one, and you feel obliged to splurge your ego all over anything that is writeable, vying for the attention of the media, and [hopefully] the Feds.

You are KILLING the Scene! Stop now, buy a gun, shoot your parents / children / pets / spouse, then turn the gun on yourself! You are responsible for the thinning out of valid information and information exchange - You ask to 'trade' info - 5 years ago, this would have been unheard of!

I therefore declare, in a fit of pique, and in the words of The Prodigy :

"So, I decided to take my work back underground, to stop it from falling into the wrong hands."

No, I aint doing a Fugitive [Peace] and dissapearing altogether, I'm just limiting the distribution of any information I encounter from now on to One or two select sources, instead of spreading it all over.

When I initially started T-file writing, I had no idea that some of my files would find their way around the world. Naive as this sounds, it's true. I had no idea people would actually read and distribute any of my stuff. I was wrong...

I dont consider myself elite, the term when used to describe a member of a culture based primarily on anarchy and free thinking is in itself a contradiction in terms! I cant understand why some people think I'm "elite" either! Nearly all the information I have gathered in my career is obtainable through legitimate resources and hard work! The term means NOTHING, and is merely a symptom of a closed mind, unwilling to accept that there is a real world beyond their pathetic pseudo-hacker fantasy.

So, to all who enjoyed and read, Peace - The file is in the mail... To all those who unzipped, edited and redistrubuted - I think you already know...


KP'96 - See y'all at AAA2.