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*                    The TerraDyne Fortell System Manual.                    *
*                    ------------------------------------                    *
*                                                                            *
*               Tried, Tested and Written by Number Six/Indie.               *
*               ----------------------------------------------               *
*                                                                            *

The TerraDyne Fortell System is a remote DTMF dial up allowing large scale
testing of subscriber and business lines, there is a TerraDyne in every
Central Exchange in every Town you would just have to scan for it. The System
also allows users to "OverRide" busy lines, give status reports on dead lines
and let the user know how/why the line was disconnected and if it was moved &
all sorts of other goodies including the length of a line from central
exchange to a specific number, its handy for testing numbers that connect to
strange tones, clicks etc. I wrote this text a while back and kept updating it
until it eventually died:( But it was only moved so I will scan it out again!
All numbers are logged on the TerraDyne so it would be best to call it
indirectly if possable, if not then use it during telco business hours, it
really is a cool system I once dialed into it from one payfone to a dead
payfone(There was NO Dialtone, NO display!) and it managed to fix it!! Strange
anyway I will give the number and access code even though they are no longer
alive just for informational purposes!

Fortell Manual!

TerraDyne Fortell Dialup.       -       0-482-2-9757 (KC Area NON BT!)
Password.                       -       5555

On connection enter Password followed by "#"

Main Menu.
Dial:-  1. Test Directory Number.
        2. Test Equipment Number.

Primary Commands.
Dial:-  1. Enter New Number.
        2. Extended Tests.
        7. Completion Test.
        8. Hang Up.
        9. Repeat Last Results.
        #. Start Line Demand Test.
        0. Command Summary.

Extended Tests.
Dial:-  1. Repeat Initial Test.
        2. Pool Dialtone.
        3. Pair ID Test.
        4. Interactive Tests.
        5. Verify Reconnect.
        8. Hang Up.
        9. Repeat Last Test Results.
        *. Primary Commands.
        0. Command Summary.

Interactive Tests.
Dial:-  1. Measure Loop and Earth Resistance.
        2. Locate a Short.
        3. Locate an Open.
        4. Locate an Earth.
        5. Locate a Contact.
        8. Hang Up.
        9. Repeat Last Results.
        *. Primary Commands.
        0. Command Summary.

Pool Dialtone.
Dial:-  3. Loop Start with Loop Disconnect Break.
        4. Earth Start with Loop Disconnect Break.
        5. Loop Start with DTMF Break.
        6. Earth Start with DTMF Break.
        8. Hang Up.
        9. Repeat Last Results.
        *. Primary Commands.
        0. Command Summary.

If the line you have chosen to test is busy, you will hear the following menu!

Dial:-  2. Monitor Line.        (Inaudable, The Busy Number is informed of the
                                 monitor by rapid beeps! Will tell you what
                                 type of call is being made i.e Voice or Data)

        3. OverRide Connection.(This Option "CUTS" off the Connection between
                                the Busy Number effectively hanging up there
                                fone, bringing them back to a dial tone after
                                the Fortell System has finished testing!;)!)
        4. Wait Until Idle.
        5. Wait Until Idle With Call Back.
        8. Hang Up.
        9. Repeat Last Results.
        *. Primary Commands.
        0. Command Summary.

Well if you have managed to get your hands on a TerraDyne you should now be
able to cause all sorts of havoc in your Area Code, try overiding a payphone
while someone is using it! haha This has a tendancy to piss people off no end!
Also If you have a local BBS and it's always busied out, well just kick em off
and get on!, I personally don't agree with this as it would be better used if
you had your line kept open by an operator, just ReCall to ya freind an get
him to terrodyne ya!!

                                             o ooooooo
              oo$$$$$$$""o$$$$"  "     "$oo"
           o$$$$$$$oo$o$$""              $
        o$$$$""$o$$$$                   $$
        $$"o$$$$"                       $$
          "$""$                 o   ooo$$ooo
            "o $          $$$$$$$$$"" " $"    " " o
               "o         ""$$"o        o"          " o
                 "o       o"$            $              o
                   o    o$""             "                "
                    "o o"o                o                "
                      $ "            o$$$$$$$$$oo           "o
                     """           $$$$$$$$$$$$$$o            o
                     $$           $$$$$$"   $$$$$$
                    o"           o$$$$$"   o                   "
                    o"o          "$$$$$oo$$$$$$oo              "
                    $            $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$             "
                    $ "          "$$$$$$"   "$$$$$$            "
                    o "          "$$$$$$     $$$$$$            "
                   $  "           $$$$$$     $$$$$$           "
             o "  $o   "          "$$$$$$ooo$$$$$$            "
           "      $ "   "           "$$$$$$$$$$""            "
         "       $   "   "             """""""              "
         "     o$     "    "                             o"
         "            "      "o                        o
          o          "          "o                 o "
           " o  o o "              "  o o o o o "

                   "BE SEEING YOU!"        NUMBER SIX/INDIE!