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Featured Search Engine is:

  • Slider
    Free Search Engine, Encyclopedia and File Search

    With a directory of over 2.5 million websites, ftp search, whole web search and a free encyclopedia. Soon to have an extensive shareware section and many more features and content.

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  • A2Z Solutions
    A2Z Solutions provides a rapid search engine that let you search only in the chosen category.

  • AOL NetFind
    AOL NetFind is America Online search engine with a database of millions of URLs.

  • Alta Vista
    Alta Vista was introduced by Digital Equipment Corp. in December 1995. Alta Vista has one of the fastest spiders in the business today.

  • Amnesi
    Amnesi helps Internet users find Internet server names through a search engine.

  • Cozy Cabin
    The Cozy Cabin Search Engine is a Christian search engine and directory that automatically filters submissions for adult content to provides a healthy family oriented internet experience.

  • Excite
    Excite is one of the top 5 major search engines that also supports a directory and provides other information.

  • Goto.Com
    One of the first directories on the web which is also a search engine. Currently serving 3,000,000 URL's to 2,000,000 folks/month.

  • Hotbot
    Hotbot is one of the most complete search engines and directories on the Internet and provides a number of different ways to navigate the site to help you find what you want.

  • Hypermart
    Hypernet is a search directory.

  • InfoSpace
    InfoSpace calls itself "the ultimate guide" and includes businesses, people, industry directories and premium services such as free email for life.

  • InfoTiger
    InfoTiger is a simple search engine allowing a user to search for various categories using any number of keywords.

  • Infomak
    Infomak provides a search engine and directory similar to Yahoo! With a number of information additions.

  • Infoseek
    Infoseek is one of the top five search engines on the Web and also one of the oldest. Advanced search features allow you to search for a specific site, URL, title, or links to a page.

  • Jump City
    Jump City has links to the best site of the web and a system of jump codes to help you get around quickly and easily.

  • LinkEase
    LinkEase is a search engine site with numerous categories including only quality sites.

  • Linkcentre
    Linkcentre's search engine allowing a user to click on a category or do a fast keyword search and has won multiple awards.

  • Lycos
    LYCOS offers a directory and search engine that also includes several regional sites.

  • Magellan
    Magellan one of the top 10 in internet directories and search engines. Includes both descriptions and reviews of Web sites.

  • Microstate Network
    Microstate Network offers a powerful search engine suported by a world wide database.

  • Nerdworld
    Nerd World Media is a large topic tree that is constantly growing nerd sorted categories. Includes links to pages and newsgroups organized by subject.

  • Netscape Search
    Netscape offers a directory by Excite and a search engine. Netscape Search can be found within Netcenter, one of the leading Internet portal sites on the Web.

  • New Riders Yellow Pages
    New Riders Yellow Pages You can search a by typing in partial site names, URLs, or words from a description in their search engine, or you can search by category. This is a well maintained site.

  • New Site Index
    New Site Index is a free directory for announcing new or redesigned sites to the world.!

  • No Worries Search Engine
    No Worries is a computer related search engine for anything with computer related content.

  • Northern Light
    Northern Light is a search service that provides custom search folders, premium quality sources, and an integrated results list of Web and premium information.

  • Peekaboo
    Peekaboo save time and effort. Consult the New England Directory first! Dining, Lodging, Recreation, Travel, Vacation Information, general topics and so much more.

  • Planet Search
    Planet Search is a directory of business sites built by users. The database grows as users and businesses list their sites.

  • Profind/Sitefinder
    Profind/Site Finder is a user built site which only include URLs submitted by users.

  • Search King
    Search King is a search engine that promises to do a very good job with your keyword searches.

  • http://www.cuscom.com/search/
    Search@Cuscom supports a keyword search engine and provides an interface to the major search engines.

  • ShaniaRules.Com
    ShaniaRules.Com provides a search engine, that searches all files in the directory which you can add your site to.

  • Site Shack
    Site Shack is the fastest search engine on the Internet. New sites are added immediately to the database.

  • Super Snooper
    The Super Snooper is a general search engine that accepts any type of search.

  • SurfGopher
    SurfGopher is a search engine that provides links to other engine categories as channels.

  • The Asource
    The ASOURCE is a directory of unique things. We list sites that are unique resources on the net, that are intelligently designed, that reflect an entrepreneurial spirit, and an active commitment to business on the net.

  • The Everything Directory
    The Everything Directory provides an extensive searchable directory.

  • The Net One
    The Net One - Find 100 hot sites plus the most popular web sites on 100 HotSites.com experience.

  • The YellowPages
    The YellowPages provides the largest collection on free stuff.

  • Trade Wave Galaxy
    TRADEWAVE GALAXY (E!NET) is a subject hierarchy directory and one of the top five directories on the Internet. It is a professional's guide to a world of information

  • Tres Bizarre
    Tres Bizarre - Sites selected on this page represent the stranger side of the web. Some of these sites are pretty, some make neat use of the web, some will shock you, and most of them will make you scratch your head and wonder why.

  • WebCrawler
    WebCrawler is one of the top ten search engines on the Internet today and also supports searching channels.

  • WebWheel
    Webwheel is a simple search engine set in a virtual web page of Flagstaff, AZ.

  • What-U-Seek
    What-U-Seek faster than the competition over land, air, and water... indexing new sites up to every single hour!

  • Whatsnew.com
    Whatsnew.com is the world's seven-days-a-week continuously updated, fully searchable directory of new Internet Web sites.

  • WhoWhere?
    WhoWhere? is one of the largest online directories containing listings for businesses and individuals that continues to expand.

  • Yahoo!
    Yahoo! Is one of the most popular engines on the net, the best of the best. Yahoo! is a hierarchical directory and offers highly specific subcategories for easier information retrieval

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